Client and their spouse had their house raided by the North Metro Drug Task Force due to a suspected marijuana grow. Client was initially charged with a Class 1 drug felony. Krizman Law worked with the prosecutor to convert Client’s bond to a summons, enabling Client to avoid even having to turn themselves in on a warrant. Mr. Krizman then engaged the services of an immigration attorney to ensure that any resolution was immigration-safe.

Mr. Krizman then used his experience creating a winning mitigation presentation to the DA. In the end, Mr. Krizman convinced the prosecutor to offer an immigration-safe misdemeanor plea with a stipulation of probation and no jail. At sentencing, Mr. Krizman and the attorney representing Client’s spouse convinced the judge to impose unsupervised probation.

Client was free to leave on the day of the plea and only has to remain law-abiding in order to be successful on probation.

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Case ResultsPossession w/ Intent to Distribute (DF1) – UNSUPERVISED PROBATION & IMMIGRATION SAFE