Client failed to complete probation and was arrested for a felony in another county. Between both a failure to cooperate with their probation officer and violation of probation via committing another crime, the client was facing an imposition of their three-month suspended jail sentence. The client retained Krizman Law to prevent incarceration.

Mr. Krizman immediately began negotiations with the district attorney’s office. With negotiation skills gained from years as a defense attorney and from time working in the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Krizman got the prosecutor to reduce the client’s exposure to a maximum of 45 days of Judicial House Arrest. At sentencing, Mr. Krizman successfully convinced the judge to impose only 30 days of the maximum.

As a result, despite their probation violation, the client will face no jail and reduced house arrest.

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Case ResultsProbation Violation – 3 Months Jail Reduced to 30 Days House Arrest