Client pleaded guilty after having been caught embezzling funds from a non-profit organization. Client’s prior counsel was able to obtain an immigration-safe deferred judgment. Client hastily absconded to Canada out of unique circumstance and perceived necessity.

Mr. Krizman worked with the District Attorney for over a year and a half to ensure the deferred judgment remained in place for Client. Client’s probation officer filed a complaint to revoke and the Court issued a warrant for Client’s arrest. Following the complaint, work with the District Attorney proved difficult as Client absconded despite being told they could not return to Canada.

Mr. Krizman remained focused, and was able to coordinate repayment of $57,000 in restitution. With his tenacious work ethic, he was able to get the issued warrant to a summons so Client could return to the United States and complete 150 hours of community service before the expiration of the deferred judgment.

Using persuasive and relentless tactics to present these extreme extenuating circumstances, Mr. Krizman convinced the judge to allow completion of the deferred judgment. Client finished their obligations of probation. The case was then dismissed and the Client’s record was sealed.

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