Client was driving under the influence when he caused a car wreck and fled the scene. The client was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and failure to provide insurance, exposing the client to serious jail time. The client retained Krizman Law that used a personalized, intensive mitigation strategy – developed over years of obtaining incredible results for his DUI clients.

Through negotiation with the prosecutor, Krizman Law negotiated the initial offer of 30 days of straight jail down to 10 days of in-home detention and probation. The Client failed to complete the conditions of his probation, and the prosecutor filed for probation violation which once again threatened the client with serious incarceration time. Krizman Law immediately jumped back into the case and worked as a liaison between the client and the courts to find why the client had failed to complete his probation terms and work to a favorable outcome. Mr. Krizman was eventually able to present the court with further mitigation justifying the client’s behavior on parole. The client had recently obtained employment, and it was critical that they be able to continue to work to provide for their family.

Mr. Krizman was able to skillfully negotiate 90 days of work release for the client that will allow them to continue to provide income to their family.

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