The client was arrested for distribution of a controlled substance after transporting illicit substances through Denver International Airport. The Client became a confidential informant and used their knowledge of the criminal world to help multiple Colorado agencies make high-profile drug arrests. Despite their cooperation, prior counsel failed to adequately address this assistance at the original sentencing.

As a result, the judge sentenced them to 7 years of incarceration in the department of corrections. The Client retained Krizman Law to move the court for a reconsideration of the sentence. Mr. Krizman worked with the co-counsel and conducted extensive research and interviews with the client to find evidence that would prove the veracity of the Client’s claims and to further address additional mitigation which was not properly taken into account by prior counsel.

Although the Court was not moved as it relates to the mitigation outside of law enforcement cooperation, the Court did order a hearing on the law enforcement assistance. As a result, the defense counsel convinced the prosecutor to simply reduce the sentence by 2 years (from 7 to 5). Because of this change in the sentence, the Client is now able to be directly sent to a halfway house by DOC and also gets two years of their life back.

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