Client got into a fight with their intoxicated wife, who turned physical. The client wanted to avoid further trouble and opted not to tell the police about his wife’s behavior. However, the Client’s wife lied to the police about being assaulted. Due to mandatory arrest laws in Colorado, the police arrested the Client on the scene for Second Degree Assault with the Domestic Violence enhancer. Client retained Krizman Law to protect them from excess prosecution. Mr. Krizman immediately began an aggressive campaign with the District Attorney’s office.

Using his experience gained from years of negotiation with prosecutors, Mr. Krizman quickly and effectively convinced the district attorney assigned to the case that the client was innocent. Between the first and second advisement, the case was dismissed. Due to the Client’s position as an important member of the community, and by prior agreement, Mr. Krizman focused on sealing the Client’s record. The court erroneously denied the motion to dismiss, claiming lack of venue. Mr. Krizman relentlessly spent months coordinating with clerks, the Judge, and the Chief Judge of the judicial district to convince the county court judge that they had the jurisdiction to seal.

Finally, the court granted the motion, and the Client’s record was sealed.

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Case ResultsSecond Degree Assault – DISMISSED, CASE SEALED