Client was an undocumented non-citizen accused of sexual assault as a juvenile. Due to the client’s immigration status, the case had to be handled with an extreme level of care to avoid deportation. Client retained Krizman Law to ensure a resolution that would protect him from seriously compromising prosecution. Krizman Law utilized professional relationships with medical personnel to get the client an offense-specific evaluation.

This evaluation demonstrated to prosecutors that the client was not a sexual predator and if he had made a mistake that it was an isolated event. Krizman Law also complied a concrete list of case facts through thorough discovery that called into question the veracity of the allegations. After interviewing sane nurses, DNA experts and executing complex litigation tactics, Krizman Law came to the negotiating table.

Using his years of experience with prosecutors, Mr. Krizman leveraged his work product on the case to drive a skillful negotiation. Now faced with an increased risk of a not guilty verdict, the prosecution extended an offer that was immigration safe and would allow the client to expunge his record of the offense after two years of probation. The client decided that the offer allowed him to take the matter into his own hands instead of risking trial. In the end, the client pleaded and received two years of deferred adjudication, with no jail. If the client meets their conditions of probation, they will get a full dismissal at the end of two years.

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