Client was flagged by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force for receiving suspicious items in the mail from their country of origin. Client has a pending application for citizenship which could not go forward while the DHS investigation was pending. Further, any substantiation of the investigation’s concerns would certainly result in the denial of the application at the very least.

Krizman Law took a two-pronged approach: working with the client to prepare documents and statements necessary to prove their innocence and acting as a liaison with the Special Agent in charge of the investigation. Mr. Krizman immediately got his own investigator involved and coordinated a sit-down between the client and law enforcement. Using the documents to establish credibility, Mr. Krizman protected the client during the interview as they explained the innocent coincidence, which caused concern with authorities.

After the meeting, Mr. Krizman confirmed that the investigation was closed and that the client’s name was cleared.

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Case ResultsTerrorism Investigation – NO CHARGES FILED/CASE CLOSED