Third Degree Assault, Child Abuse (Domestic Violence) – CASE DISMISSED

First Degree Burglary – DEFERRED JUDGEMENT

Client was involved in an altercation with their significant other after a night out. The significant other became physical so the client defended themselves and attempted to exit the house with their child. Client was afraid of their significant other, so they contacted the police.

When the police arrived, they were misled by the significant other to believe that the client was the aggressor and arrested the client for domestic violence, assault, reckless endangerment, and child abuse. The client had their shared child removed from them and wasn’t able to see their child for almost a month.

The client then entered the house of their significant other’s sister to retrieve the child. The homeowner called the police, and the client was arrested for burglary and trespassing. The client retained Krizman Law to represent them in both cases. Mr. Krizman immediately began working with the client and his investigators to provide information to the various district attorney’s offices to show the client’s innocence.

Through his years of working with complex cases and negotiating with state attorneys, Mr. Krizman was able to convince the district attorney assigned to the client’s domestic violence case that the client was acting in self-defense, and the case was dismissed. Mr. Krizman then used the leverage gained from the dismissal to reduce the offer in the Burglary case to a deferred judgment.

The client and Mr. Krizman conferred about going to trial to show the client’s innocence but ultimately decided that taking the plea agreement was the best way for the client to move on with their life. As a result, despite having multiple felony charges, the client will face no consequence in their assault case and will have their burglary charges dismissed after completing probation, at which point their record will be eligible to seal.

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Case ResultsThird Degree Assault, Child Abuse, and First-Degree Burglary