Client was at a bar with friends when the Client’s boyfriend was attacked by another group of patrons outside. In what devolved into a brawl between the two parties, the Client attempted to defend her boyfriend and was subsequently arrested for assault after an on-scene police investigation. The Client knew that they were innocent and retained Krizman Law for defense.

Through an extensive review of hours of body camera evidence and additional requests for police information, Mr. Krizman found that the Client never made any kind of contact with the alleged victim in the case. Mr. Krizman also discovered numerous instances of possible police misconduct and a potential conflicting relationship between the bar owners and alleged victims. Mr. Krizman, alongside a fellow colleague who represented the Client’s boyfriend, coordinated a persuasive campaign to the district attorney assigned to the case.

Through skillful negotiation tactics, the defense team was able to convince prosecutors that their clients were innocent. Without the Client ever having to appear in court, their case was dismissed, and their record is now eligible for sealing.

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Case ResultsThird Degree Assault – DISMISSED