Client was harassed and attacked by drunken coworkers during a house party. The attackers called law enforcement after client left with his wife and children. The alleged victims concocted an elaborate story when the cops arrived. Despite being the actual victim, the client was charged with FOUR COUNTS of third-degree assault. Client retained Krizman Law, who immediately began a thorough investigation into the alleged attack, which, in addition to the analysis of all discovery and evidence we perform in all cases, included conducting background investigations into all members present at the party.

Mr. Krizman found details in discovery that demonstrated clearly that the alleged victims in the case had misled the police investigation. Despite substantial evidence presented to the prosecutor assigned to the case, the district attorney’s office refused to drop the charges, so Krizman Law prepared for trial. Understanding that undermining the credibility of the witnesses was critical to the trial strategy, Krizman Law individually subpoenaed the prosecution’s witnesses, who attempted to avoid being served.

Although Mr. Krizman completed a full trial preparation and was ready to proceed and win, the prosecution folded the day before trial, and the case was dismissed. The case was closed, and the client’s record was sealed.

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Case ResultsThird Degree Assault – Dismissed