Client was caught on HALO street cameras selling crack cocaine to an undercover police officer with two codefendants. (Client was the ringleader). Client had eight prior felony convictions and was on parole at the time of the offense, upping the charge to the level of aggravated.

For the same crime, one codefendant was sentenced to 18 months DOC, and the DA wanted to impose the same sentence for our Client. Despite this, through relentless advocacy and years of experience defending his clients, Krizman Law was able to secure for the Client a sentence of one year supervised probation with a suspended DOC sentence.

Mr. Krizman was able to convince the judge to put the Client’s future in his own hands, and as long as the Client does not violate the terms of probation, he will not spend any time in jail.

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Case ResultsUnlawful Distribution, Repeat Felon – Probation With Suspended DOC Sentence