Though it might not seem like it when they sit you down outside the courtroom, they are absolutely not your friend. They tout that they are doing a public good, a service, looking to be tough on crime.

Prosecutors do not have clients. They are hired guns for the government. It is important to remember that the prosecution is working for the government, not the people. They get paid to prosecute crimes by taking them to trial and getting convictions; not for dismissing cases.

Most prosecutors also don’t get to make their own decisions. They follow marching orders from their superiors who get them from the elected District Attorney who runs on the promise of being “tough on crime”. But “tough on crime” only means prosecuting people who have been accused, not just hardened criminals. This means being tough on people like you. Dismissed cases do not get their bosses elected, especially if they promise to be “tough of crime”.

It is also important to remember that prosecutors have tons of cases, taking whatever slides across their desk to court. This means they are there to do what their bosses tell them, not actually representing the alleged victim. An ethical prosecutor is not just trying to get convictions, but you can’t count on a prosecutor doing the right thing when it’s your life on the line.

At the end of the day, you need to know that from the second you have been accused of a crime, a prosecutor is working to get a conviction on your case and possibly put you behind bars. They are looking to show their bosses and the community they are doing their job by putting people in jail, even if it is the wrong people.

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