Casey A. Krizman, a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado, explains when you’ll automatically lose your driver’s license if you’re charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWAI (driving while ability impaired). If you need a personalized and relentless criminal defense, call (303) 529-2677 or visit today. #colorado #dui #dwai

Video Transcription

A lot of folks ask me: “Which charge results in losing your license?”

A DWAI does not automatically revoke your license. It’s only eight points on your driving privilege. Now, if you’ve had prior tickets within the last year or other external factors, it could potentially cause a points revocation. You may also have an express consent revocation. The procedures with the DMV are sometimes difficult to manage, and they are often fact-specific.

A DUI, on the other hand, is 12 points and will automatically trigger a point suspension even if it hasn’t triggered an express consent suspension previously.

Obviously, if you or your attorney can get your case resolved with a DWAI, that is far better than a DUI, but remember, don’t plead guilty to something you didn’t do. When the government accuses you of a crime, you have a right to make them prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt. And if the government can’t prove their case, that’s something else to look into as well.

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