Client was charged with assault and disturbing the peace as an act of domestic violence after a verbal disagreement with his partner escalated. A protection order was issued on the date of arrest which prohibited contact between the involved parties. Mr. Krizman successfully moved to modify the protection order to allow for full contact between Client and the alleged victim.

Through investigation, Mr. Krizman discovered the alleged victim was highly intoxicated at the time of the altercation and refused to leave Client’s apartment. The alleged victim got aggressive after Client asked them to leave and subsequently injured themself in the process. Mr. Krizman frequently corresponded with the assigned prosecutor to get them to dismiss the case.

Unfortunately, municipal prosecutors almost never dismiss a case without setting for trial, even when it is warranted and appropriate. Therefore, Mr. Krizman set for trial. Krizman Law’s steadfast position with the District Attorney and relentless defense resulted in a dismissal of the case. The charges were dropped and the client was able to seal their record.

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Case ResultsAssault and Disturbing the Peace – DISMISSED