Client had an open child custody case with their abusive ex-partner. Client mouthed off to said ex-partner on a phone call, which resulted in criminal charges. Eight months later, the ex-partner went to civil court claiming they needed a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) for the same conduct because the criminal case was about to end. The TPO was granted then the ex-partner then attempted to make the protection order permanent. The ex-partner also listed the child as a protected party, which could have significantly impacted clients parental rights if the permanent protection order was granted.

Mr. Krizman entered his appearance in the case solely for representation in the permanent protection order hearing. Prior to the hearing, Krizman Law put together an extensive case brief detailing the ex-partner as the true abuser. On the day of the hearing, Mr. Krizman exhibited powerful trial advocacy techniques and a flawless cross-examination of witnesses.

Without needing to even present evidence on the client’s side of the case, Mr. Krizman convinced the Court that the ex-partner failed to reach the burden at the hearing. The court agreed and denied the permanent protection in what is called a directed verdict. Accordingly, the judge vacated the TPO and the ex-partner was left with nothing.

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