Client was drinking at their residence with their spouse. Client and spouse got into a verbal argument, and spouse got in Client’s face. Client slapped their spouse in self-defense and stuck a vape pen in their ear. Client called the cops as a result of the incident, and Client was determined to be the primary aggressor and charged with third degree assault.

Casey Krizman accepted the case and immediately engaged in presenting mitigation to the DA. Mr. Krizman eloquently described Client as hardworking and dedicated yet struggling with a complicated marriage. Mr. Krizman further displayed that Client was defending themself during the alleged incident, was actually the individual abused in the marriage, and lacked any criminal history or domestic violence history.

The DA offered a deferred judgment but refused to dismiss the case despite a valid self-defense claim. Client and Mr. Krizman set for trial, taking the higher-risk approach in order to increase the chances of the higher reward. The DA blustered along the way, but finally dismissed the case one week before the jury trial. Once again, the prosecution was looking to win rather than seek justice.

If it wasn’t for a brave and trusting client, Mr. Krizman would not have been able to force the scales of justice in the right direction. Client’s record was ordered sealed.

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