Client lived in a shared residence with their partner (the alleged victim), biological child, and the alleged victim’s child. Client had a verbal argument with the alleged victim (AV) that escalated throughout the day. Client was later watching a movie with their biological child. The child was forcibly removed from Client’s arms by AV. Client then punched a hole in a bedroom wall out of frustration. Following this, Client went to speak with AV to relay their frustrations, which turned into another argument. In the midst of this argument, AV and AV’s child began recording Client. Client took both phones to prevent further recording. AV’s child threatened to call the police and fell to the floor shortly after. Client then left the residence. When Client returned, the cops were on the scene.

Client was accused of criminal mischief (punching the wall) and subsequently arrested. As the case progressed, more charges were added by the DA. Client was accused of harassment (allegedly pushing AV), 3rd degree assault (allegedly pushing AV’s child when they fell to the floor), and criminal tampering (taking the phones).

Client retained Mr. Krizman to protect him from potential incarceration and other consequences. Through resolution discussion, the DA offered probation on a class 2 misdemeanor. Mr. Krizman and Client both agreed trial was the best option moving forward. 

Mr. Krizman utilized his extensive trial experience to cast doubt on the witnesses’ credibility and rebut any arguments provided by the DA. Even with the presence of bad facts, Mr. Krizman skillfully presented a cohesive and persuasive defense. After one hour of deliberation, the jury found Client to be not guilty on all counts. Client will face no consequences for any alleged actions and their record is to be sealed.

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