Client got into a verbal argument with their partner and ultimately called law enforcement after being pushed. When law enforcement arrived, the officers erroneously determined that Client was the aggressor that evening. Client was charged with Domestic Violence and Third Degree Assault and taken into custody.

Casey Krizman answered the Sunday night call from Client’s partner while Client was still in custody. Mr. Krizman provided critical intelligence about the bond and protection order process and also spoke to Client via phone over the weekend. The result of this counsel was a personal recognizance bond and the ability for the couple to maintain communication rather than have a no-contact order put in place.

Upon officially accepting the case, Mr. Krizman quickly got the protection order modified again to allow Client to return home with their family. After thoroughly reviewing discovery and conducting an investigation, Mr. Krizman put together a compelling mitigation presentation. Mr. Krizman compiled an abundance of Client’s achievements and contributions to their community as well as proof that the spouse was the abuser to bolster Client’s defense.

Essentially, Mr. Krizman let the DA know they had a serious problem with their case and that refusal to dismiss would result in the exposure of the alleged victim’s abuse. This information was presented to the assigned DA and, as a result of this information, Client’s case was dismissed. Client will face no consequences and their record is now sealed.

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